Writing Prompts


Day 3 and I have decided that I hate this. Not necessarily the writing part, but the fact that I started this challenge. Because now, with 15 minutes left in the day I feel this overwhelming pressure to get 500 words down before midnight!

Of course, because I’m now in this incredible time crunch, I could not think of a single thing to write about so I did what any normal person would do in such a dilemma. I googled “things to write about”.

Who knew there were so many complete websites designated to such a topic? Seriously, tons of sites solely devoted to writing prompts. I didn’t have time to look through them because, again, I only have 15 minutes to write. But I am definitely going to get an earlier start on that tomorrow!

The top one in my search, or at least the first one that I saw was “Write about three positive things that happened today.”  And I thought, wow, that’s easy for me. Three positive things came to mind within seconds.

Most days I have way more than three positive things happen to me. Even if it doesn’t always feel like that. If I really stop to think about my days, I’m pretty darn blessed.

I’m glad that I saw that prompt. I am not going to actually write about three positive things because I’m sure that nobody really cares about those things. But I will spend my 500 words to say that I think that it is a great idea to end each day thinking of three positive things that happened. It’s really easy to get bogged down with the details of life and focus on all of things that I have to do, or take care of, or fix, or whatever. And I don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about the crazy amount of positive things that I have in my life.

When I started this blog I wanted to make sure that I focused on all of the positive things that I had going on in my life. That was at a time when, to be honest, finding those things was a little tougher to do. I had to weed through a bunch of junk to see the positive at that point. And now, my life just isn’t like that anymore. Sure, there is still stuff that I’m not necessarily a fan of. There are things that I wish were different and there are changes I’d like to make. But there are far more really great things going on in my life than anything.

I’m really excited about that.

There have been a ton of changes in my life over the past few years, some good, some bad. My life looks so different now than it did in the past. And it’s far different than I ever imagined it would be! But I am excited about the future, partly because I’ve become much less afraid of change. I’m at a point where I can actually be grateful for all that has happened in the past because I can see how it helped me to grow as a person. I’ve learned valuable lessons from every trial and I no longer fear change (most of the time, anyhow!) because I know that what waits on the other side is going to be far better than I could possibly dream or imagine!



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