So, this is Me.



I’m an ordinary girl who is extraordinarily passionate. I follow Jesus, love people and seek justice.

I’ve failed at more things than I care to admit and because of that, I’m super thankful for mercy and grace.

I am way more of a romantic than anyone would guess and I love thinking of things that I love.  I keep a list, actually, and add to it often.  Here are a few things that make me happy:  rainy nights, colored tights, pretty dresses, mossy trees, sunshiny days, bright shoes, tall boots, forehead kisses, sweet whispers, long phone calls, love letters, old books, kept promises, slow dances and sappy songs.

I spend a lot of time trying to understand things that I’ll probably never understand while parenting the craziest kids you’ll ever meet and writing about anything that pops into my head.  I hope to leave this world a little better than when I got here,  and to leave a growing legacy of passion and love…for life and for others.


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